Letter from the organizer

Dear fans of fantastic painting, As the initiator of Biennale of Fantasy Art, I need to explain what inspired me to make this move.

Every success of mine I owe to God, work and big dreams. As my dreams have become true, I have realized that they themselves are wealth, regardless whether they became true, real or far from that. Since I believe in the significance of dreaming, I was attracted by fantastique as a rest from business tension.

“I have visited galleries, read about art and felt the magic which painting offers to its audience. While I was making the first steps in making the collection, I was tempted to buy only the names of our old masters, as a safe investment. Turning point in collecting modern authors was visiting the Memorial collection of Pavle Beljanski in Novi Sad when I realized that he got to know artists before they would become famous and followed his personal feeling in choosing works of art, and then it turned out that they really became recognized later. In that way, parallel with the collection he created the history of his time. He became one of my role models. In tha gallery I was with my son Mijat who sensed the same enthusiasm , so our collection has become the story we are writing together. We visit painters in their ateliers and watch the magic of creation, constantly exchanging experiences. Our art companionships are being built into the world we are building, by adding each new painting in the family collection. As a member of the young generation, Mijat has refreshed the collection with new names and has increased visibility on the Internet. With the help of his knowledge and skills we have made contacts with foreign galleries, magazines and collectors, which opens new perspectives for the future of Biennale.”

“The idea for Biennale has come as a synthesis of all the beauty we experience as collectors. The circle of exceptional people has been formed – artists, historians of art, critics, gallery owners, and collectors, who believe deeply that traditional painting cannot exhaust all its possibilities, especially when combined with fantasy. The number of people delighted with this idea shows that Serbia has one more brand and that is SERBIAN FANTASY ART.”

On behalf of Foundation Mihajlović – Feniks,
Mića Mihajlović